Washington DC

Hey guys,

I had the chance to spend a couple of days in DC and I had so much fun. After over 10 hours of killing my coccyx, I finally got to DC where I was staying at a hotel.  There, I met with Joisie, my dear friend from UWC-USA (high school). We went to the Mall, museums, restaurants, and (Latin) dance places.

Besides the Mall, here are my favorite spots if you visit DC:

  1. Cafe Citron: we spent my friend’s birthday in this place and it was the best idea ever. They have a great atmosphere (if you like latin music/food/drinks), and their service is very friendly. They also have some free salsa lessons.
  2. El Tamarindo: a Mexican/Salvadorean restaurant with great pupusas. The owners are very sweet and welcoming. You will definitively like this restaurant. It feels like home.
  3. Bossa Bistro & Lounge: Brazilian restaurant/music place. A little more relaxed than Cafe Citron plus it offers live music.
  4. Le Diplomate: some fancy French cuisine. Best Bordeaux I have tried in the States. They even have some tables on the terrace. Very French!!
  5. The Yards Park: this is a great spot for a walk and taking basic pictures (ask Joisie).
  6. Old Engine 12: very cool place to grab some American food. They are located at a fire station.
  7. Smithsonian museums: National Air and Space Museum & National Museum of Natural History. They are a little overwhelming in terms of how visual they are. I suppose it is to attract children, but in general, I had a good time learning some new things although I still have some questions about this one video they showed where apparently aquatic animals emerged from mammals.

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