The right to stay at Home. Why am I against immigration to America?

The following article is my opinion. I do not endorse violence or discrimination against immigrants, but I rather support a movement of integration and improvement of global communities that will allow people to have a good life where they were born and raised. Humans should have the right to live a good life in their respective countries!


Every time I voice my opinion against the phenomenon of immigration to America, people think I am some sort of intolerant conservative or that I simply lack fundamental moral values (e.g., compassion or respect for others’ freedom). If you knew me at a personal level, you might even think that I am a hypocrite because more than one of my family members has permanently moved to America. You might even argue that I have spent a quarter of my life studying in the States and that I have no right to oppose anyone coming to this country. From my perspective, all of these points just further support my conviction, so please, let me explain to you why I think the way I think about this issue.

Essentially, I am against immigration to the United States of America because, in most cases (including my family situation), immigration occurs out of need. Nowadays, people move to America not exactly because of the American dream, but rather because of the world’s nightmare: war, poverty, insecurity, persecution, lack of infrastructure (universities/education, hospitals/healthcare), and the list goes on and on. My question is, why can’t we offer a good life to people where they are at? Why do they have to move? Why can’t we help them improve their countries instead of taking their human capital to America? Why can’t I study a PhD in systems neuroscience in my local university? Why can’t my mother receive medical treatment at our local hospital? From the Guatemalan man who works in the cafeteria to the Iranian professor at MIT, why can’t we all make our dreams come true in our respective countries?

If I told Americans that they have to move to Switzerland in order to educate themselves, to have an adequate healthcare, to feel safe. If I told them that the only place where they can have a good pay, their dream house, and their dream job is somewhere across the Atlantic, they would think I am crazy. But this is a reality for many people in the world! Do you want a good education? Go to America/Europe/a more developed country! Do you want money/comfort? Go to America/Europe/a more developed country! Do you want to get an acceptable treatment for  X strange disease? Go to America (and you better have money to pay for it)! Do you want to feel safe compared to the violence you have experienced before? Go to America! Are you gay but homosexuality is a crime in your country? Go to America!

Alas, this is the prerogative of the developed world.

But I don’t agree.

Immigration to the developed world is nothing but unsustainable assistencialism. We don’t teach people how to fish, but we rather throw some fish to a few of them while there are many left with hunger, desperation, anger, and pain. I won’t be part of this vicious cycle. I came here to learn how to fish. That’s it. I don’t want your money, your comfort, your glory. I’ll be back home soon and I’ll teach my people how to fish. If they want to go, if they want to explore the world, that is fine. But they should always have the option (and hopefully the desire) of coming back. This is their home and they have the right to stay home.


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