Farewell to Wellesley College

My Vesta,

I was your orphan.

In your arms, my mother,

I felt home

And I felt a foreigner.


I came to you naked

And you drowned me in a lake full of wisdom,

The more we learned,

The more ignorant I felt.


You brought to me love,

But not the love of the flesh,

Nor the love of men,

Nor the love of silver,

Nor the love of women.

A calcining passion,

A world full of beauty,

An endless thirst of curiosity.


My friend,

My solitude,

My muse,

My demon,


My love,

My nightmare,


This is the nostalgia of a farewell I always wished for.

I’ll miss you very much, but don’t you dare to come back.


My Alma Mater,

Grateful and salty,

This is our goodbye.

June 1st, 2018




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